I write engaging stories and poems for both children and adults. My work has been published in the American anthology ‘Ripples’, in Online Magazines with a global readership and on the radio. I have spent the last few years performing my work in schools, nurseries, colleges and at community events and am very proud to be the ‘Resident Author & Poet’ at Ellison Primary Academy.

After being repeatedly asked by children, adults and teachers “where can we buy your work?” – I am now in the process of publishing my first set of books.

The first will be ‘Conflict’ – a hard-hitting poetry anthology, for older readers (teenagers & adults).

The second will be ‘I Don’t Want to Go to School’ – a selection of poems about school life to delight children 4+ and older readers (teenagers/adults/teachers) alike.

My many performances over the years often included a workshop element, where my audience were encouraged to write either as a group or individually. I have always taken great delight in seeing the work produced during these workshops.

I deliver engaging, exciting, interactive and entertaining performances and workshops for all ages – from Pre-School, up the Key Stage range to Adults. On school visits, I can perform my work to the whole school, individual classes/year groups and/or deliver a poetry workshop. I am experienced at working with large and small numbers of children and have often worked with a whole school from Reception to Year 6 in one day.  I am also available to deliver talks on my work and career, as well as for performances at events, clubs, etc.

I am married to Author & Illustrator – Glenn Martin James, and we have two lovely daughters, Charlotte & Elizabeth.