Angela writes engaging stories and poems for both children and adults. Her work has been published in the American anthology ‘Ripples’, in Online Magazines with a global readership and on the radio. She has spent the last couple of years performing her work in schools, nurseries, colleges and at community events and is very proud to be the ‘Resident Author & Poet’ at Ellison Primary Academy.

After being repeatedly asked by children, adults and teachers “where can we buy your work?” – she is now in the process of publishing her first set of books.

The first will be ‘The Old Decrepit House’ – a selection of spooky poems and tales to delight children 8+ and teenagers/adults alike.

The second will be her first picture book for younger children – ‘Guess The Animal’. A fun illustrated book which will see children trying to guess which animal is described and joining in with the actions/noises.

The third will be ‘Conflict’ – a poetry anthology which will be both hard-hitting and humorous, for older readers (teenagers & adults).

She is also working on a new book series based on the themed work she has performed in schools. ‘The Explorers’ will be a themed poetry activity book series covering a wide range of themes such as WW2, the Stone Age, the Titanic, Florence Nightingale, Reginald Mitchell & the Spitfire, Animals, Seasons, etc.

Her many performances over the years, often included a workshop element, where her audience were encouraged to write either as a group or individually. She has always taken great delight in seeing the work produced during these workshops.

Angela delivers engaging, exciting, interactive and entertaining performances and workshops for all ages – from Pre-School, up the Key Stage range to Adults. On school visits she can perform her work to the whole school, individual classes/year groups and/or deliver a poetry workshop. She is experienced at working with large and small numbers of children and has often worked with a whole school from Reception to Year 6 in one day.

She is married to Author & Illustrator – Glenn Martin James, and they have two lovely daughters, Charlotte & Elizabeth.