Angie (x350)

A natural and inspired poet, Angela carries a warmth and enthusiasm with her throughout her performances, which is engaging and infectious.  Such is her playful and insightful approach that she carries her young audiences along with her on the crest of her ideas, so much so that they forget in their own enthusiastic participation that they are doing something fundamentally educational.  This approach is proving to be very successful, and she often has to repeat favoured poems, especially ones written from a child’s point of view and performed in character!  This style is paying great dividends as the children enthusiastically access her work on this level.

Angela’s aim is to challenge, inform and educate children through the power of poetry as well as inspire and encourage creative writing.  She covers a wide range of topics tailored to her audience, ranging from pre-schoolers right up through the key stages, and is more than happy to work with teachers to shape sessions and even offer bespoke poetry to tie in with subjects being taught.  Her work has had a considerable impact and has been used in school displays.

She delivers poetry sessions that actively encourage discussion and analysis from the older children.  Demonstrating that whilst poetry can tackle serious subjects, it can also be fun and even a bit spooky! For the younger children the focus is on observation and deductive exploration with the use of props and actions.

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