Due out in summer 2024

I don’t want to go to bed. I’m not tired, I’m still hungry, I need another drink. I’m scared, I feel really sick, I’ve missed you, I need to tell you something. Do I have to go to bed?

A fun and humorous collection of poems about bedtime. The first in the ‘I Don’t Want To’ children’s poetry book series. Avoiding going to bed, story time, teddies, sleepovers, not wanting to get up and lots more. For anyone who dislikes bedtime (both children and parents alike).

These poems are a hit with children, as they are about something they can really relate to – bedtime and how to avoid it! They inspire children’s imagination and creativity. Allowing them to feel free to explore and write their own poetry. They are also popular with adults and teachers alike.

FUTURE TITLES IN THE SERIES: I Don’t Want To Eat That, I Don’t Want To Go to School