1st Edition published April 2019

2nd Edition due out in early 2024

Conflict burns. Its flames consume all in its path, leaving behind a trail of carnage. Whether it be internal or external, a temporary or permanent state. Its effects are far-reaching. Conflict is all around us. 

A collection of conflict poems tackling some hard-hitting issues facing individuals and society as a whole. The first in the Conflict poetry book series. Covering both internal and external conflicts such as war/fighting, environmental issues, inequality, poverty, death, physical illness, mental health, self-harm, addiction, domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexting, grooming, trafficking and literary conflicts.

Whilst this book is aimed at older children and adults, it can be used as a resource by schools (KS2, KS3 & KS4) and parents to encourage age-appropriate discussions. It is an ideal introduction to conflict poetry for KS3/KS4 students, to help with their conflict poetry module in GCSE English.